I don’t know how many ended up on my blog googling steampunk, what’s steampunk, steampunk books, steampunk music, steampunk style, steampunk clothes… ok, ok, I think you get the idea!!!
I want to do something different though, I don’t want to write the Nth page that tells you what steampunk is or isn’t, I’ll give you a list of my favourite websites for that.

I want to tell you what steampunk is to me.
First and foremost I think that people tend to forget about the “punk” part a bit too often: it’s music, rebellion, fight for what you believe in, against status quo.
Or there’s way too much “punk” and the “steam” goes lost into “cyber”.
But this is the very beauty of this style: it’s a visual style that was born from sci-fi books written in the 19th century, Jules Verne is an unaware father. So, with some obvious limits (without going all nuts and becoming steampunk legit police, thanx), there’s a great freedom on interpretation.
Sci-fi that takes place in the past, it’s also called retro-futurism, where submarines work with steam power, where fantastic creatures belong to our world, we just didn’t know that yet, where extraordinary adventures are possible because we still haven’t explored everything and we still haven’t all the answers.
Most of all I love the ethic/ecological message that comes forward: we just have one single mother earth, if we treat it badly, it will crush us, but if we learn the three Rs, reuse, reduce, recycle, then we can achieve something great.

Yes, there is still that feeling of “wonder” that philosophers and writers held so dear…

And let’s get this straight: some clothes really rock!!!
This is why I think I’ll add some brown/nude/copper/neutral tones into my wardrobe. In the meanwhile I’ve already made my own goggles, a necklace with a key and findings, a pendant with a mechanical spider, Mr Faun gave me another beautiful one… (click here to see the pic ;).
What would you do?

Anyway, steampunk here on Euforilla is’t done, I’ll have (some day, so don’t hold your breath :P) a post about books and litterature (Verne, Lovecraft?) and about bands and music (Abney Park, Voltaire?).

Now I have to go, my airship is leaving soon… 😛

Here are the links I promised

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