Musa’s Box

Here we are with the weekly list of nice :) But I want to change it up a bit!

° thursday: read all day
° friday: packing up a few things to flee for the weekend, to see the mountains covered in snow and the woods already green with leaves, plan a couple of posts
° saturday: frizzy air that makes you hungry, chilling watching our favourite tv series, unplugging from pc and web for some days, the market in Domodossola, fabrics for 4 euros for meter, looking for eagles and finding dragons
° sunday: chocolate of the easter eggs, my walking stick (that unfortunately I forgot there), crepes with nutella after a super long walk in the woods
° monday: my basil and my other plants coming back to life (after three days abandon), yummy pizza finally back in the Nook
° tuesday: new dragon eggse XD, a ton of things to organize, plump my agenda, my brand new Brothers BM 3600
° wednesday: rain rain rain, my grandma who remembers not to serve me rabbit meat, burda’s patterns on sale :), mushroom ravioli, spend a night sewing
° thursday: sun! which means I can pop out my green bycicle again ^_^ and to this, I’ll provide a soundtrack

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