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First list of nice of this 2014! Happy new year to you all :)

blu hair garland winter capelli blu ghirlanda inverno snow neve frost frozen ghiaccio

° finally a light dinner (all the nephews and nieces at Aunt C’s place) with a dessert of our childhood VHS… hello grandpa!
° the sacrificial rock goat (made in Ikea) to hang on our tree
° make my supersoft niece fall asleep
° a walk with my friends, after so many “family times” it was a good breath of fresh air 😛
° talking about work, showing off quite some skills, the three of us… we’re good at what we do! U_U (yes, this is pure pride, get over it XD) OF COURSE it was done with a slice of cheesecake each (finally, Millis!!!)
° a monday spent studying, eating pumpkin soup, with cats on my lap keeping me warm
° lentils, spelt soup, rice, clementines and japanese persimmon… I like my seasonal pantry (and it’s 99% received as a gift!!!)
° fighting a dull morning painting my nails something silly and winter-inspired… I know I’ll regret saying this in just five minutes, but I’m willing to see some chill, everything white and cold, for snow, fog or frost


° a very home-y new year’s eve, a beautiful sunny day spent cooking together (wearing kickass aprons U_U), our menu (thanx to Gordon Ramsay’s recipes): ricotta and zucchini bruschette, sausage stew with caramelized onions, crunchy salad with dried cherry tomatoes, chocolate tarts. Here and there we slightly modified the recipes because we had some different ingredients or didn’t like some others… anyway everything was great!!!
° leaving behind some things that weighted on my shoulders and that I didn’t want to carry with me in this new year. Having solely three simple (but challenging) resolutions
° being proactive and taking action
° having a lot of ideas and of things to do
° changing up small things, to be my own good omen
° my new calendar and my new diary, illustrated respectively by Alessandra Fusi and by Gorjuss :)
° mythological creatures

Dr Wayne Andersen

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