Sewing and Shopping

How do you link needle&thread to shopping, you may be wondering…
Can you picture to yourself that sweater you left in the store, during the last sales, because it had that horrible flower applied on it? Or that cute skirt that could have been perfect if it was just a tad shorter? Or that tshirt that would fit you so well if it was a little more tight?
Or yet, that jacket that’s rooting in your closet, since you’re not using it at all, just because the lining has some stitches off? Or your perfect jeans, that lie there without button, or the shirt that has lost a couple of sequins?

Threading a needle isn’t only for grandmas, I can grant it. Nor I’m saying you should become a taylor/seamstress with a huge lab, experts in pattern making or stylists-to-be, if you’re not interested into it.
But can you figure the freedom it gives you while shopping (during sales, at markets, in thriftshops), you’ll be able to look at the stuff displayed with new eyes, with possibility.
I’d say you need to know just three things: sewing a straight line (by hand or by machine), hemming, attaching a button. Really, for all those modifications, this is enough.

I don’t sew a lot, nor on a constant basis. I learned out of “desperation” because I had enough not finding stuff like I really wanted it to be, and I couldn’t stress my grandma so much each carnival or halloween. I’ve sewn from pillows to bags, from waist chinchers to sweatshirts (with rat ears)… just one note from my experience: follow the instructions religiously. If instructions say to sew a waistband… for pete’s sake do it!!!

Plus, can you feel the awesome in saying “I did it myself!”?

So, next time you’ll go shopping, consider shapes, cuts, colours, fabrics and so on, carry with you your “personal style list”, and put a little effort in it.
I’ve already mentioned a little daily effort, to introduce new stuff into an old habit, and most of all you have to remember this while shopping… otherwise you’ll get back home with the 5th black jumper to add to your collection…
If you’re fancying something peculiar, instead of saying “oh whatever, I don’t know what to wear it with” and put it back on the racks, really think about it: would that colour fit with anyone of your colours? Can that cut work in with your shapes? Can you take this ruche off without damaging the dress? Can you add a button here?

Little daily efforts 😉

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