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It’s not up to me to tell you that a haircut and/or a kind of makeup can decide the success or the downfall of a look.
Plus if you consider that these are the quickest and cheapest things to change, when you want to try something different, you can see the risk.

It’s a delicate matter, we need expert advice in this, so here are the links to my favourite resources.
But first I have to tell you something: I’m trying, a bit at a time, to use only natural, ecological, biological, cruelty free, green… (whatever) products! Therefore in my links you’ll find stuff that goes towards this idea. I’m not doing so to scare you, but to make you understand that putting on your face (skin=organ, it absorbs and then puts in your blood circulation) things that come from petroleum, or formaldehyde, or plain polluting stuff, is not that logic nor healthy, is it?
Let’s think about it: behind any beauty standard, any ideal of perfection, there is one thing: health. The reason is ancestral: ensuring the highest guarantee to continue the species (no one wants to continue illness, we all want abundance of life). This is why commercials push on youth, because ideally a young person is more likely to be healthy and full of life, with a full face and rosy cheeks from a run in springtime. Healthy. So healthy=not polluted.

Anyway, here are the links for everyone to enjoy.
Marlena was the first guru I came across, and have been fond of it since: she explains everything very well, has solutions and tips for every skintype and every kind of facial features, she’s nice, the editing’s very fine, and she has tutorials from opening a mascara tube to applying Jasmine-style makeup!

Koren is my go to when I need special effects (erase your eyebrows with glue? Genious! You have to know that I have a soft spot for carnival/halloween makeup) or when I need do-it-yourself wonders.

I’ve found out about him just recently, but I like how he uncovers all the myths and urban legends about hair and makeup: drugstore products aren’t different from high end products, it’s all in their ingredients, which are the same (oh! I’ve also tried his method to look for your skin undertones, it works!).

Beauty and the Bullshit
This blog is written by a woman who used to work for cosmetic companies, and it’s wonderful to detox from false promises and boosting commercials. To say it with her own words “I’m the bitch who’s discontinued your favourite lipstick” but here’s why.

And this is it for makeup. For hair I have one main resource, it’s an italian forum, but lucky you it originated from an idea in english.
Long hair community.
My guarantee for this kind of communities? My hair is one meter long. And it’s healthy.

And, even though a lot of style guides say that they are one of the biggest “fashion faux pas”, there are braids. There is plenty, so many different types, so many different combinations to make you have no idea… they’re pretty easy to learn, and youtube comes to rescue, just search for these keywords: french braid, dutch braid, fishtail braid, rope braid, waterfall braide, snake braid, and variations (oh, you can also search for plait instead of braid).

To finish off: a link for both skin and hair.

It’s in italian, but I think you can use it eitherway: you just type in the name of the ingredients (the INCI, to be technical) of your product, and this dictionary is going to tell you what it is and how green or not it is (they have coloured dots: two green oh yeah, two red veeeery bad!). Your skin and hair are going to thank you (mine already do!).
If you have any link of the sort in english please let me know! Also for blogs with natural homemade recipes and so on 😉
(I have also a list of links of online shops that sell natural products and mineral cosmetics, but I’ll talk about them when I’ll be able to give you first hand experiences!)

Final thought: you may have a perfect makeup and a wonderful hairdo, but if your face is not clean under the makeup, and your hair is fried and damaged, it’s not going to look good. Instead a clean, makeupless face and healthy, simple hair would look better! And then, learning from all these links, you can save yourselves from “frauds” and also save some money!

And now it’s your turn: advices? Links to your favourite gurus? Genious tips or things I know nothing about? Tell me tell me!!!

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