Musa’s Box

Well, well, well. Let me see… I took notes. Muhuhahahahahaha


° korean restaurant and, of course, food: we have to go back to taste what was left on the menu (might take more than one visit :P)
° friends, old and new, and talking so much you go voiceless
° laptop pillow, so I can sit with the AC on, but still online
° New Super Mario Bros Wii. Jump! Jump, you foolish firespitting plumber!!!
° Yoshiiiiii *_*
° refreshing thunderstorms
° sleeping with the windows closed and the sheets pulled up to the chin
° our japanese dinner, with friends sitting all over the place, and where food disappeared like it was an alien abduction
° the new goma-dare sauce, sooooo yummy!
° being officially on holiday!!!
° going to the stall market, to get myself something different from the usual, something I don’t normally wear, to see were this will take me
° Punkreas gig (as you can imagine, it’s a punk band), and I was 14 again *_*
° red nails
° Eritrean restaurant
° Stranger Things (it’s worth Netflix on its own, though we liked the rest as well :P)
° planning some summer-y things
° gift-giving myself with a book for the beach
° opening the windows and seeing a grey, cloudy sky ^^
° going running, and my knees are ok!!!
° planning on keeping my grandma busy one full afternoon to classify some fabrics
° chilly wind
° cuddling my cat
° mythological creatures

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