I haven’t been always like this

One day, as I was weeping as a willow watching a video where some volunteers saved a wolf, I thought “well… I’ve never been this sensitive!”
And I realized that I’ve never been many things like I am now… I’ve been incredibly shy, I’ve been the worst bitch you can imagine, I’ve loved being in the spotlight and I’ve been (or still am 😉 ) way too much OCD.

Yesterday night I told a friend the very words that give this post its title, and chance it is that yesterday I managed to save all my favourite posts from my old blogs.
This is why I want to start a new serie of “vintage posts”… for melancholy and for recovery, I hope you like them.
Each one of them still has the original date… and some of them go back to 2005… very vintage!!! 😀

Most of all my favourite ones create somewhat of a story, you have to know that back then I used any sort of “real life event” as an excuse to turn it into fiction an to exercise my written expression, I had recurring characters and sometimes it seemed like they were going through things that couldn’t be separeted from, or at least remembered, what I wrote previously.

There will be Amélie Oblivia, Angelica Serpentina, the late Desdemona Absinthe and the newest one and almost not seen is Synthia Lisergica.

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