Musa’s Box


° travelling lightly
° MADRID! Spending some time with my brother and chatting with him, see his apartment, have a really wonderful saturday, walking through the spanish “camden town”, eat in typical or quirky places, have guide that lives in Madrid that avoids tourists-only places, see the Guernica, and all the other surrealists and modern painters, free ticket for the museum, the Gabinoteca with mixmatched chairs and tables, peculiar tapas to eat, a graduated mirror in the bathroom that tells you like which celebrity you’re tall, sunny day, walking around without coat or scarf the 20th November! Spanish commercials, they’re so enphatic! Mr. Faun that comes and picks me up at the airport ^^
° napping on sunday afternoon
° my collaboration on a logo
° dark lipstick
° waking up after an absurd dream, with a music in my head, and being able to reproduce it and write it down
° a personal ad that’s going well
° supermarket sandwiches and hot vanilla tea
° a birthday party with my family, with plenty of good food and nice presents
° a steampunk pendant, I like it very much, it’s so pretty! *_*
° sing and dance home alone, storing the groceries, with The Queen played loud… I think it’s one of life’s blessings… and if the spray bottle becomes a microphone, well, that’s even better!
° finding my lace stockings
° human body metabolism, sometimes I’m in awe with the efficiency of this biological machine
° the beginning (or end) of a rainbow, in a picture… though no pot of gold coins!
° a small rat on the railways
° mixed berries tiramisu
° clementins
° almost missing my train stop because I was playing Cooking Mama 3 or James Pond Codename RoboCod XD
° three teams game with Hedgewars
° a chips box ready to become a small-bento to carry snacks without crushing them
° manuals (drawing, photography, jewellery, anyone!!!! *_*)
° the day after tomorrow I’ll finally have my 25 themed birthday party ^^
° tomorrow’s post 😉 (surprise!)
° mythological creatures, but most of all Mr. Faun

A link to your lists of happy things from this past week? 😉

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