Musa’s Box

New Musa’s Box! A list of nice and happy things, that you feel grateful for, collected in the past week. From small details to bigger things.

° try my best in invented recipes… which turned out good! (“Garam fusion turkey” and pumpkin&chestnut gnocchi with sour cream, bacon and chives)
° sleepy and cuddly Clothilde
° a quite quiet saturday, with a walk “downtown” and some friends’ live gig
° do some “people watching” in a goth revenue, I always have a great fun out of it!
° a kickass smokey eye U_U
° spending a sunday always on the go, with lots of relatives and cheers
° an occasion to dress up well and updo my hair
° pizza on sunday night, when we stopped hoping for it
° a crystal clear unlock in the flow of things
° black jellybeantoes
° my home all tidied up (when it happens, I’m so glad :D)
° jasmine incense
° pull out of the closet my lilac dressing gown/kimono, the one that Sa brought me home from Singapore *_*
° biking
° truth, that sometimes really pays back
° understand some more facets of the “Law of attraction”
° my new wonderful shelf, that makes my working station at home way more comfortable (let all say thank you to Sa for drilling it to the wall ^_^ thankyouuuu! :))
° have a nightmare about the end of the world, the bell rings and it’s Sa at the door, waking up and finding him really at my side
° writing, it’s therapeutic (even though my wrist isn’t of the same advice)
° quiche made “random”
° bellydance
° Sa, when he shows me silly videos just to make me smile
° bigger-than-life questions
° mythological creatures

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    1. Euforilla Post author

      Allora, gli gnocchi zucca e farina di castagne me li portano i miei dalla montagna, poi rosoli la pancetta a cubetti, aggiungi la panna, un pizzico di erba cipollina e quando gli gnocchi galleggiano li scoli e li condisci, voilà 😀

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