Synthia (?) March 31, 2006

“Am I scary?” she wonders, looking at her reflection in the mirror

Looking at herself in the eyes… the eyes, just so… “remember, the eyes are the mirror of the soul!” used to say the great grandmother… she repeated it so many times that she can see straight to the soul now, yes. that’s how it must have been

and she found out that people don’t like it that much, being so naked… they withdraw, they get scared, they get mad…

but she can’t help it, it’s not something she controls, as soon as she looks she sees in the depths of others’ souls, reading their signs, reading their folds

and sometimes it feels good, it feels… powerful? Yes, it’s a matter of power

but when those who withdraw in fear are those she knows? well… in that case it hurts, it hurts really bad

you still haven’t told me who is “she”…

she… Amelie, Angelica, Desdemona, it’s just SHE and all three can ask themselves that same question

all three already asked themselves more than once

and what do they answer?

“no one will ever hug me”

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