Musa’s Box

I’ve never needed to collect little shiny treasures and big unexpected presents like now…

Crazy week (from arguments at work, and it’s never nice to see one, to thieves in my house who, also, gave my dog some sleeping drug) and since it is not over yet… here’s what I’m saving in my box this week, to keep it very close and dear!

° Appreciating the fact that we’re all fine, dog included, we didn’t have big damages… and washing the sheets as soon as possible
° Mr Faun, and our awesome anniversary (including making a slideshow with music and subtitles, a long long text collected in a long time, and questioning Mr Faun for everything about video making without spoiling the surprise!)
° Him once again and his bottomless patience to make this blog bigger, better, faster…more (quote!)
° My brother here for the weekend
° An important date coming near
° Speak in public, standing up for my opinions, saying which things don’t go well and saying it straight face to who can change something
° An entire booklet filled to the brim with places, restaurants and massages for two to choose (it appears that planning the next vacation is the best remedy to post-holiday depression!)
° Buying presents for other people, taking a little time to think what they would like and what face they would make unwrapping it all… added bonus: it’s presents I like too and they make everywhere smell good
° I’m starting to grow fond of those little beings in the Lucky Bamboo vase…
° beginning projects and Threadbangers fever *_*
° The clear desire to wrap myself up in a white blanket, sit down in my favourite place (if only the gates reopened…) with a mug of hot milk and fresh bread spread with honey. Wise cuddles.
° Pebbles I took from the beach in Calabria, egg shaped and/or sprinkled with golden glitter
° Other people’s boxes or lists, filled with nice
° This menu: sushi, asahi and Nutella crepe, taking a stroll in town, with a perfect weather, a nice dress and a Faun all to me
° Mythological creatures


To the thieves.
I tried to think you were desperate people with a hungry family waiting for you at home (there are social assistents though…) but I couldn’t, because you were at least three, you had “tools of the craft” and you were organized.
I guess you’ll earn a lot if you’ll make fifty euros each with what you stole…
You took from us stuff that had a sentimental value and, among other little things, you took a present my granpa gave my grandma, after a lot of sacrifices, the very present my grandma left me, ’cause she had nothing else to give me.
This is why I wish you have the runs… flash, deforming and chronic. Trust me, I could wish you worse.

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4 thoughts on “Musa’s Box

  1. Corrine/Frock & Roll

    Oh my god, I’m so, so sorry that people would do such an awful thing :( I’m sorry, love.

    But on the plus side… HUGE congratulations to you for speaking up and out about things that you believe in. It’s always worth standing up for yourself, even if other people are uncomfortable with it!

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