Amélie and Angelica november 15, 2005

did you hear Amelie? They said they saw you going down, they saw me bringing you here, in your room with your purple velvet chair, your silk gowns and the best music to kiss your ears.

they saw your feet going down the heavy steps, those black steps that scared you, yet none stopped you, none savede you my petit Amelie

and ’till today they hear you screaming from your room with blanked out windows, yet they tell you shut up, you’re annoying

Amelie I’ve saved you my little child, now would you understand that all I’ve done, cotton palaces and crystal soap balls, I did for you? made by the finest soul crafter? I’ve saved your life, you called it prison, but noe you see it’s heaven underground

’cause they’ve seen us sink, Amelie my child, but they stayed and watched, pointing their stunned finger, so secured in their judgement… I saved you Amelie, because you’re small child made of icy porcelaine, and I’m hard skin and scars to shield you…

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