Pre-vacation Musa’s Box

Tomorrow we’re leaving for our summer holidays. I still have to pack the suitcase. I still have to *think* about what to pack… I don’t think I’ll handle this… even though the list will be three items long: bathingsuit, pijama, sunscreen. Period.
But THIS list is pretty plumpy as always!


I plan on getting to the same satisfyed expression as this dog.

° plenty of tomatoes in the fridge, thank you green people!
° super yummy peaches!!!
° our kitchen, all darkened and with the windows closed against the sun and the heat, the smell of bread and laundry, it reminds me of those summer I spent with my grandparents
° trying to make a family tree of women, I know only of my great-grandmother, but I want more!
° bisquits with dark chocolate topping, if kept in the fridge they are great!
° going back to a knitting thing I abandoned last year… realizing I completely forgot how to knit (I think I made up a new purling method…), doing everything wrong for three or more rows, trying to patch up things… and feeling absolutely fine about it, my self worth has not been tarnished by these “failures”, all I need is to get to the end of this shawl :)
° black, long nails (yes, I did it), all patched up… :)
° pictures from Greece, from my friend, who’s travelling and camping, with two small kids, she’s crazy, but she rocks!
° going out to buy a present for myniece, coming home with a kaleidoscope… for me! (btw, I’m not that horrible of a aunt, I got a present for her as well!)
° my new “Isabella herbal tea”, a muscle relaxing infusion, a Isabella gave me the recipe, and another Isabella concocted it all. Hence the name. I’m such a genious.
° Playing with Clothilde. She’s a little war machine
° keeping a dream journal… sometimes I think I should do this just to exploit plots and cliffhangers or special effects (a perfectly living yellow chicken coming out of an egg, but still covered up in amniotic fluid? Entire neighbourhoods hidden behind wooden doors that stay open only in some given hours per day? Yeah…)
° having plenty of ideas to “restore” my studio corner here… ooooh yeah! I can’t do it now, but I will in september U_U
° ham and melon, is there anything better to eat during summer?
° our Nook, all cleaned up and scented
° I can’t wait to go to the seaside, bathing, laying on the sand with a perfectly empty mind, looking up at the super blue sky, looking down at the super acqua water, skin gettin clearer, feet getting softer… aaahh bliss!
° my handwriting, I really like it (I get fits of narcissism)
° my kaleidoscope, I’ll get crow feet around my eyes for squinting inside it, but it keeps me young on the inside U_U (well, flip yourself!!!)
° mythological creatures

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