Musa’s box

° dare bright green eyeshadows
° an evening lying on the couch
° swap parties, and super cute stuff you can find there
° sunday’s perfect weather
° eat an hambuger from “Diablo steakhouse” when you’re starving
° chat with people… randomly assorted people 😉 it’s nice to see that things change, for the best
° “Il mondo prima” a song by Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti (literally “The world before” by Three Cheerful Dead Guys)
° coffee break outside with nice coworkers ^^
° “The Voyage Out” by Virginia Woolf… when I first started it I wasn’t thrilled. Now I really like it, and I’m just halfway through!
° clarifying things
° Insistent, subtle, crawling and tempting thoughts 😛
° talk to/with Mr. Faun, really talk
° vegan gel liner, I lurve it!
° the drama button
° this video, masterpiece *_*
° think in french (sometimes)
° see bunnies in the middle of a field *_*
° meditate

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