Musa’s Box

For those who might be new around here, here’s how this works in this (kinda) weekly post.
It’s a virtual box where I store all those things that, during the past week, made me smile, made me happy or made me grateful to the flying colander or whomever.


° sushi with friends, and planning stuff to do till spring
° homemade bread
° shopping at Kathay and Flying Tiger Copenhagen
° tea with milk and biscuits, in my “granny” mug
° productive phonecalls and meetings
° my happy grandma
° pumpkin risotto
° planning recipes with mushrooms
° finally defeating my “Final level boss”: roast. Oh yeah!
° daily emails with my friends
° going to bed listening to the sound of rain *_*
° my soft, warm, cuddly cat, in my blankets evening
° a nice walk under colourful maples
° cat shaped earrings
° foamy, warm bath
° incense and scented candles
° mythological creatures

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