Musa’s Box

Another thursday list!

° sushi for lunch, chatting with my mom
° icecream in our freezer
° the last makeup days
° coral/salmon/tangerine tango colour or whatever name you give it! 😀
° Deimos live again, and fu*k the rest (heat, mosquitoes, location owners), they were on stage and they rocked for two hours
° the dionisiac “Musician effect” 😉
° gin lemon
° meet a lot of people, it was like a party, a get together
° coming back home at 4am
° wear a nice dress and make me up, we make the occasions U_U
° June photo a day challenge photos
° restoring naps
° mozzarella di bufala
° the fan, my new best friend
° sincronicities
° a toe in one colour, the other in another… matrix toes
° Drop Dead Diva and True Blood that is finally on air again
° home made hummus with home made tahina
° tidy up some things (even though I can’t find my “Angels charm” anymore)
° pots of herbs on my balcony
° some wind
° Mr Faun, Mr Faun, Mr Faun, maybe he’s going to materialize if I call him thrice like Beetlejuice 😀

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