Musa’s Box

° Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, gorgeous news!
° Ringing the bell at a friend’s, at midnight, to go see his new place
° A weekend spent packing up books (and uploading them on Anobii)
° Cuddles for Mr Faun
° Doing what I want
° A monday that goes by quietly
° Dark bread with figs and nuts
° Deep talking light heartedly looking into eachother eyes
° Repairing an old pot lantern, shaped like a big bellied and horned little woman :)
° Having lots of ideas
° Klaire de Lys and Audfaced youtube channels, these girls are a-ma-zing!!!
° Positive comparisons
° the sky: lately I’ve been spending time looking at it, the solid and saturated blue by day, thousand of textures of the clouds when it’s sunset (like foam or dust that has been swiped away) with colours ranging from orange to green, from fuchsia to purple, the full moon illuminating fields and everything with a ghostly light blue…
° dark chocolate
° finally painting my nails (I wanted to do this for weeks!)
° Opera at the theatre, for the first time in my life (Opera, not theatre :P) it was Il Rigoletto: I loved the costume, orchestra director’s emphasys during his movements, strings, the bass and the contralto (but she only in some parts), masks, music so perfect they sounded fake (and, by the way, any modern soundtrack? Nothing’s new… maybe because Verdi wasn’t just some random guy!)… and super elegant people, long dresses, naked shoulders, silky shrugs, lace shirts, sequins and a lot of red (then there was me, with converses which gained a disdained look from an all dressed up girl… sorry if I ran out the office, the train twenty minutes late, I literally ate a toast in the street to be here in time… at least I showed some love for the happening U_U), paying 14 euros for a ticket for gallery, and then finding seats in the stall!!! and meeting there some friends ^^

andare a sentire l’Opera per la prima volta in vita mia, il Rigoletto: i costumi, l’enfasi del direttore d’orchestra, gli archi, il basso, la contralto (ma solo in alcuni punti), le maschere, le musiche talmente perfette che sembravano finte (e, comunque, qualsiasi colonna sonora di adesso? Già fatto tutto… anche perché Verdi non era proprio il primo che passava per strada, insomma!)… e poi la gente tirata a lucido per la serata, abiti lunghi, spalle scoperte, stole, maglie di pizzo, lustrini e tanto tanto rosso (e io con le all star che mi sono beccata un’occhiataccia da una tipa tutta in tiro… ohi, son corsa qui dopo l’ufficio mangiando un toast letteralmente per strada, e il treno aveva 20 minuti di ritardo, denoto quantomeno amore per la materia U_U), pagare 14 euro per il loggione e poi trovare posto in platea!!! e poi incontrarci un paio di amiche ^^
° boxing up
° a night all for me
° Mythological creatures… *_*

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