Musa’s Box

° Celebrate autumn with three new friends and be all nostalgic and emotional (thank you once again to Goddessinspired, Lanterna and Anna)
° super good food and micro-cats popping up everywhere
° treating myself to my first small-date with the artist, to buy a super tacky and super cool notebook, and a couple of suitable pens to write on it…
° going out “earlier” from the office on friday: managing not to stay one more hour (non payed) as usual
° a weekend with the women of the family
° happy-hour-swap, awesome! Do I have to mention the vegetarian buffet? Yummy!!!
° emails from MrFaun in New York… I was soooo envious!!!
° another friend that wants to approach bellydance *_*
° try a new mix for henna… even though it didn’t work out I, at least, had a blogpost from it and a smell of wild every time I turn my head
° Mr Faun back home
° Essence’s “frosty” cooked eyeshadow, a pink so fair it’s almost white, to use dry or wet… basically: I love it!!!
° sunday visits to furniture shops and the awesome solution for the oven (the anxiety for the bills will not find room in this list!)
° colleagues that actually know what team work is, without thinking that your every word is an attempt to career-climb
° those “little” things we all give for granted: having eyes to see fog, sunset and MrFaun’s face when he was home from America, ears to hear music an my mom calling me, nose to smell the cake in the oven and the smell of grass in the country (which reminds me when I picked beans with my great-grandma), tongue to taste many different things and a mouth to talk and kiss, hands to cook, create and cuddle (and type on my pc :) ). A home, a family, fabulous people in my life, a job that allows me to live on my own. A mind that allows me to appreciate, basically, the fact that I’m alive.
° meeting new people: it’s like starting from scratch, they have no old ideas on who you are and it feels a little like reinventing yourself. If you also enjoy them right away, it feels even better to see things going and growing into a beautiful friendship :)
° gifts from various Hard Rock Cafes *_* and from the USA in general ^^
° Mr Faun that patiently, since April, stands my endless repetitive talks about furniture and home decore!
° Ikea. And I’ve said it all.
° a very nerd spreadsheet to have a preview of what we’re going to spend for the house
° Mythological creatures, for all our lives

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4 thoughts on “Musa’s Box

    1. Euforilla Post author

      Per ora le ho consigliato la Shadow (ma sono arrivata tardi, c’era arrivata già da sola ^^) e poi le ho già anticipato dei nostri futuri incontri di Tribal Emozionale (chiamiamolo così va 😉 )

  1. Marta

    Ora voglio sapere assolutamente tutto della soluzione geniale e carinissima per il forno!!!! Sai che sono alla disperata ricerca di ispirazione XD
    BTW…evviva i nerdissimi file excel!!!!

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