Musa’s Box

Well yes, why not, two boxes in one week, ’cause I like abundance, I like to go over the top, it’s spring and this is fine, period!

° a pink donut to recover from the shock of a dark chocolate muffin (so I was promised) that, surprise, had pistacchio filling (ah! The horror! I hate pistachios!)
° when my students ask questions and when the light goes on in their eyes when they get something, and when they laugh and have fun during my classes
° payday, it’s always welcome! 😛
° the perfect weather to bike around
° my blue trench and my blue polkadot white scarf, spring, oooy yesss
° Clothilde, she’s a very pretty cat
° crossing a big X beside poinst in a to do list, it’s a satisfaction everytime!!!
° my trusted bike taking me everywhere
° a productive trip to Ikea, afterwards the car trunk was smelling all good!
° starting thinking about how to best use a nook we’ll dress up with Ikea stuff (after all, what would you do with a 60x80cm nook that is almost 3mt tall???)
° honey, a throat saver
° honey rings cereals my parents brought us from a real Lidl in Germany 😛
° seeing that the idea I had, once translated to reality, is indeed doable and pretty!
° mythological creatures

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