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I guess you’ve noticed the absence of posts after a short span of time where I was back blogging regularly… let’s say these are changing times and I haven’t had a single evening to myself (or, if I had, I fell asleep miserably on the couch!).

Let’s collect some good stuff, as usual :)

° going home ligh-hearted, singing in the morning, sleeping well
° light early in the morning, sligtly warmer temperatures outside, sunny days, birds singing, I want spring!!!
° a saturday spent among fabrics, dances and shamanic drums
° “inheriting” a shamanic drum (stick, I have my plans to pimp you up!)
° one of the last trips to Ikea: our Lab is about to be done, prepped up and enjoyed
° think about a project to do with a “circle” of women
° less and less days to freedom!!!
° Mr Faun who watches me close
° a super-nice salesgirl
° Mr Faun home studio/working station, is super cool!!!
° Mr Faun who finally has time and ways to mix, record, and “do” his music *_*
° lists on Ikea’s site (those super handy boxes… those gorgeous candle holders!!!)
° sushi and “pulpo a la gallega” (and the neologism “fish-tarian”)
° a night with family, partying for my dad :)
° “Goddesses in every woman”… enlighting since the first pages!!!
° ebooks and the Nook *_* carrying around 12 books (for free) in 100gr of reader is wonderful!!!
° projects (actually, Mr Faun’s projects) to pimp my pc
° free texts
° walking a bit with a colleague
° act (not on stage, in a sense of taking action), impulsive decisions
° organize a little trip for a week in Madrid to visit my brother ° a super comprehensive faun
° mythological creatures

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