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Thursday! Day to list things you love and like, things that make you happy and grateful, things that make you giggle and smile, things that make you laugh and that make your heart have a jump of joy. Write yours, most of all if you think you have nothing to write, and why not, write it down in the comments!
Mine today is going to be a little lovey-dovey, so bare with me 😛

° my very own Faun, our mythology, his music, his mind, and everything about
° fixing the link post in italian
° understanding some of html language
° removing makeup and nursing my skin
° being in love since months, with no doubts, with no high and lows, with no downshifts… how lucky am I???
° the existence of “convertible” scarves, tops and dresses (or “infinity” stuff)… and figuring out how to make them at home!
° re-finding inspiration
° positive and optimist people
° mod podge glue
° having lunch in the garden
° persian neighbour, cooking persian food and letting us taste it… and it’s always delicious stuff
° tin boxes, the vintagy ones
° rainy mood
° martini (well… vermouth)
° walking/running in the park (very nice park, very nice day and physical activity endorphines)
° being able to manage this blog, despite all the things I have to do
° my thesis, it’s doing fine!
° mechanical cow
° lunch at greek restaurant
° pre and post rehearsals emails
° “Bad things” by Jace Everett
° positive feedback
° mythological creatures

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