Before starting off…

Before starting off with all the posts about our wedding, I think I owe you an explanation on why I said nothing up untill now.
For two main reasons, actually: 1) I wanted to get to the end of it all, to be able to see the bigger picture and being detached enough to be able to discuss our wedding with the due irony (otherwise I would have risked to come here to vent out some frustration, sometimes) and, most of all, 2) I didn’t want to be one of those self centered, attention seeking girls, that when they get married all they talk about is their wedding and nothing, nothing, else, they become obsessive and monothematic.
Come on, you know who they are, those girls that, when their boyfriend gives them the plastic ring from a cola bottle, start wearing it on a gold chain around their neck, keep toying with it, skip the hello part and shove it on your faces as first thing when you meet… Well, I didn’t want to be this kind of person!
All in all, and after all, considering I kept friends and family, I might say myself that I managed not to. I hope XD

Anyway, now my ideas are clear, I’ll tell you all about the proposal, when we told it everyone, our DIY organization, of course about the dress, the preparation, the party and my deep and thoughtful reflections about marriage. Then, since I have friends that are waiting for it (and don’t live near enough for an “in person” chat) I’ll also write about our honeymoon in Japan (I miss it sooooo much!), the food, the people, our favourite places, what’s it like to live in an anime for two weeks… and at the end a giveaway, I brought you a (one :P) present from Japan :)

In the meanwhile I’ll also try to write and post other posts, like I normally would, otherwise to avoid being an obsessive selfcentered girl, I’ll become one in the aftermath ūüėõ

I think it’s fitting to tell you that everything (and by everything I mean after we told everyone) began with a quote by Paul Val√©ry (which is incredibly appropriate since the University I was working at, when I fell in love with my husband, was the Universit√© Paul Val√©ry), this one:
“Love consists in being stupid together”.
Hey, Paul, are you spying on us?

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