Musa’s Box

List of nice for this past week!


° A superproductive weekend
° my brand new, amazing custom made desk
° having a proper, well lit workspace
° giftgiving myself a new tarot deck (ah, the woes of collectors…)
° the scent of jasmin from our neighbours’ hedge (not the same ones of the roses, the other ones)
° jobs for the autumn
° lunchbreak with my friend
° monday with Sa
° Stinkerbell all cuddly
° a huge notepad I made reciclying papers
° tidying up my shelves
° Saint Rita’s fair (I’m hoping for stall market)
° purring headbutts from my kittycat
° laying on the couch, reading
° a blanket on the bed, when the weather goes back to chilly, unexpectedly
° homemade tzatziki and guacamole
° dinners and chitchats with my husband
° mythological creatures

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