Musa’s Box

This week box of nice, here‘s a who’s who :).

° showing some fangs in a kind smile
° mind peace thanks to an action plan
° Yoshi with “Classic Dragster” kart (indeed)
° a sunday filled with phonecalls to organize something for the evening, to end up three ladies on a couch watching “Calendar Girls”
° said movie 😀
° blackboard in the kitchen and the lamps finally hung at their place!
° lemon cake
° random phonecalls
° mom, she always knows how you’re really doing just listening to the tone of your “hello”
° someone told me I never give up
° an idea for a group
° a posteriori proofs that I got it right and I choose wisely (let me say “Euforilla strikes one goal!… Wait, it’s tow! Better, three!!!”)
° online courses and sci-fi-money
° this upcoming saturday and fabrics
° tidying up the Nook
° Grooveshark
° writing
° an hot bath that washes away a lot of thing
° slimstat, it can be very funny 😀
° a long walk in the snow
° lunch with a friend talking about needle and thread
° S. Valentine’s 2012: gifting ourselve the Harry Potter movie collection and start watching it all, giving myself one of the most powerful presents ever
° “The Prisoner” – Iron Maiden
° William Wallace and his cry “Freedom!!!”
° “Toad in the hole”: first time I tried it, turned out yummy!
° hopping bunnies
° Mr Faun always on my side <3
° mythological creatures

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