Musa’s Box

° My Faun: to me he’s always in first place, but I don’t like to be soft and cheesy in public, though once in a while he really deserves it above all :) After all it’s not that easy to find someone who finishes your thoughts, whether they be on music or philosophy or every day things or silly things!
° Tidying up: this week the attic was due. But my head too. Lately I’m really rearranging everything, it’s like I need it, and I must say it’s really satisfying. This is not the first time I realize I have to organize things before I face new “phases”. Plus I’ll end up getting some money out of this, by selling old stuff and books… and maybe some positive karma by recicling loads of paper!
° Organizing: i.e. a long long weekend of holiday with my Faun, hills of Tuscany and “Pistoia Blues Festival”, I’m looking forward to pack my trolley with some multipurpose things, change air, taking trips and walks, listening to good live music (I mean… Gamma Ray and Queensryche on the same stage!!!), unplugging from everything and everyone to spend a coulple of “couple” days, and eating well!
° Celebrating: I love split parties, it’s like having more and more reasons to party, which is always a plus! And spending time with friends is always good, most of all with some drinks, songs and beautiful presents!
° Rehearsing: everything is open to options now, but I’m happy of how things went, it’s always a nice feeling to make a good impression… and to stay truly calm!
° Online shopping: no crowds, you are able to confront different offerings and pick the one that suits you best without wasting fuel, there’s no queue at the cash desk, loaded with sales and discount codes, and some fine day someone rings at your door with a package for you, like christmas in june!
° Miscellaneous: befriending an hairy and afraid cocker, brushing Mela (my dog ^_^), happy hour with “Crodino” and chips, good shopping tours, very good pictures, my new Nintendo DS lite in lime green, my new Fuji Finepix S2500 HD, ice cream and anything “tropical fruits” flavour, all ice cream and the one with caramel topping; home delivered sushi, with asahi beer in a super relaxing sunday; organize small trips: picking a massage from my smartbox, when to have it and where, looking for flights for Madrid and Dublin… am I channeling some Virgo? going to the cinema for free and watching a funny movie, popcorn, air conditioned.

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  1. Corrine/Frock And Roll

    Awww, such a cute list! :) I'm definitely with you on the online shopping. Give me a website over standing in a queue ANY day!

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