Stop. Overload.


Books. Check
Manuals. Check
Bookmarked websites. Check
Blog about it. Check
Free ebooks and pdf. Check
Subscription to newsletters and mailing lists. Check.

Well, used to be checked.
When I’m into a topic I tend to gather as much as I can, I talk about it with anyone who can listen or help… can we say I obsess over something?

Untill the day when my head is so crowded with voices that I can’t hear mine, when I’d like to do tons of things… all at the same time, when in the end I do nothing ’cause I don’t know where to start, what to think, who to listen to.
After all, and in the end, it’s always a matter of opinions.
Be it autogenic training, how to ace a job interview or water painting everyone has his own two cents: experts, books, friends.
What you get is impasse: there are always pro and cons. You learn from good books, and bad ones (at least you learn what you have to avoid).
You have and look for so much stuff that you have no more time or focus to read and use what you already have.

Information overload.

What do we do then?
Unplug: turn your pc off, stop downloading stuff, unsubscribe from newsletters (I did this in december, and even though they were well done, it’s really liberating), stop talking about it, avoid your negative friend talking it down every time (your friend’s opinions are good, but as worthy as yours, don’t you agree?), take a mental holiday.

After that, quietly, pick one single topic, one single book, take your time, try to surround you in relax, then calmly and with some organization, take care of one thing at a time.

I’m doing it in these weeks: for small changes I switched my iGoogle theme to a green, soft and linear one, then I planned this serie of posts, and I realized how much being unfocused leads to a waste of energy. Focus on one thing les me use my time and my energies for better purpose, being more productive and happy. Even if I can be seen as selfish :)

So, granted that you have the core, what do you think about it?

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2 thoughts on “Stop. Overload.

  1. Corrine/Frock And Roll

    I love these suggestions! Sometimes I feel as though my entire day has been sucked away by some kind of mysterious black hole (you know, the same one that steals your socks and hair pins?), and then I look at things more carefully and realise that actually, the only things that have sucked my time away is the constant stream of e-mail, blog posts, Facebook status updates and tweets on Twitter! This was an excellent reminder to unplug and relax and leave it all behind.

  2. Euforilla

    I'm glad you've found this helpful!
    It's quirky: I've planned these posts some time ago, but when I have to write them there's always something that happened very recently that I can relate to!
    I really need to unplug these days, and I'm doing it, and it feels great!

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