Musa’s Box

It has been a quiet, simple week, but as always I’m appreciating it :)


° sushi overdose
° surprising dad for his birthday
° Sa having, suddenly, a free sunday, yay!!!
° going out for a walk, walking to the restaurant, it was gorgeous outside
° birds and bugs flying, a beautiful sunny day, come on spring, you can do it!
° “rouge noir” nail polish
° our Nook all cleaned up and airy and springy and cleaned and perfumed
° being able to dry laundry on the balcony, in the sun
° my little cousin keeping me company
° Wales-France… THAT’s how you play Rugby o_O (didn’t have a chance to see many other games in this 6 Nations though :P)
° see the first confetti on the ground, Carnival here we come!!!
° on that note: an afternoon spent in an healthy Carnival-esque chaos
° mythological creatures

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