Slovenia mini holiday

I did not vanish, I’ve been to Slovenia!

Well, to be honest we had a room in Gorizia, then we drove around, just a couple of days.
Sa played in Tolmin, at the Metaldays festival.


From the Depth, these guys kick arses!!!

I have never seen something this well organized o_O The camping area, a lot of toilets, showers (the warm ones were charged two euros, but hey, they needed to earn something out of somewhere!), plenty of eating stalls (one of vegan food as well), a stall market area with merchandise and anything else, down by the river (super, super chilly water, reminded me of the river in the mountains where my parents go during summer)

another bar, beachvolley area, karaoke.
Camping is not my thing, but seeing this huge thing so organized is a pleasure! As well as my new camping knife that I luckily got here.

Then the following day we went to Lubiana. I don’t know where I read “If you want to enjoy Swiss beauties but at a fraction of the cost, visit Slovenia”, they’re right. I loved Lubiana so much, we were also really lucky: we found a street food manifestation, food from the world and from high end chefs, in the town’s square, sith all the stalls, the stairs in the square dressed up with mini tables and cloths on the ground for you to sit on clean.
There were street artist, a great weather, that feeling of “Europe” (don’t ask me to elaborate, I couldn’t, but it’s that feeling like belle époque everywhere)… it felt like a Mini-Paris in the East :)



This was the open market… giant tomatoes, juicy raspberries, it’s a pity I can’t go grocery shopping there every time!!!


Sometimes I enjoy snapping random pictures, by holding my camera up high, without seeing what I’m picturing… sometimes, surprisingly, they turn out good :P



Is this some University prank???




Park, lounge chairs, plein air public library. Genious, it’s like heaven *_*


I feel like it’s not a mere coincidence if any place I go to has some sort of dragon… this bridge had four, it’s the city symbol!

Well, that’s what I’ve been doing instead of blogging 😛

I bought myself the silliest, most useless, and fantastic souvenir ever: dragon salt U_U


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