Musa’s Box

° suddenly being the right person in the right moment in the right place

° start a new job, it deals with writing, and making such a good impression that they “upgraded” my contract in one day!
° a first step in the world of Editions, yay! We begin!
° midnight texts
° iranian appetizers (I heart my neighbours, they spoil us *_*)
° earning something 😀
° hot cocoa
° our (maybe last for this year) barbecue in the garden
° a night out with new people
° play again with makeup
° having a lot, a loooot, of ideas for posts
° chatting with friends who live far away
° being constantly in touch, no matter what
° ikea’s laptop cushion… it’s so comfy and you can use it also as a writing surface!
° public transport being cheaper and more useful than car… it’s real! And reading on train U_U I started reading Lovecraft’s first short stories anthology I can’t remember when… it needs to be finished! (And then turning on the radio and listening to an old, therefore good, song by Guns n roses *_*)
° realizing that I have/obtain/it happens to me any thing I want, in one way or another… I’m so friggin’ lucky!!! yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (muse’s yell of excitement)
° make a good impression at a job interview (even though it may turn to nothing)
° discounted Filofax, I’m really really interested
° weekend organization: dinner out with my ladies!
° Penelope (the movie, with Christina Ricci, it’s nice, and funny, and romantic, and with nice music, and has loads of autumn!!!)
° Mr.Faun (new nickname due to a picture very Reservoir Dogs style) is coming back here in a few days
° mythological creatures, always always always, and hypothetical mythological homes.

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