Musa’s Box

° see my friends after a long, too long, time and spend a wonderful evening together (with a glass of irish coffee)
° Millis’ new home, really pretty, catalogue-like! and most of all it resembles her a lo
° pasta with green onion and sausage… and Wii Party games
° being done with wall painting, cleaning up a lot thanks to my parents help, the big stuff is done
° saying goodbye to Mr Faun leaving for Singapore
° emails and gmail’s chat… technology, what would I do without you?
° Personal Colour Analysis
° a dinner with crepes, cider and girls chat (ok, there was a man too, but he was talking about salted butter caramel :D)
° cupcake stand and pestle&mortar from Ikea *_* beautiful!
° super hippie sweater
° an opportunity, even if it was really meh, at least I know what I want :)
° the new train line, finger crossed!
° a thursday on vacation *_*
° wandering around for an afternoon
° Milan, after all it’s a fascinating city
° a walk in Pavia, I missed it a lot!!!
° my very approximative calculations (-8!! *_*)
° spend a lot of time on Ikea’s website to be super prepared for the official visit 😀
° cheer-up mini Grisbì brought by a collegue
° the “Whatevs” method
° big and small works at the Nook, we’re really close! (plus a big thing to do but that we want to do just because :D)
° pictures and videos from Singapore… how many lights are there???
° hot food and shower after a day spent cleaning up
° perfumed things
° a diy night with my Melina walking around
° mythological creatures, even when they are 7 hours time-table away

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