Musa’s Box

Yes, I’m on team Edward, but this Edward!
Img found in google, if someone knows the origin pleas tell me!
° peach iced tea and sandwiches
° my new superfluffy flipflops (and they are peacock green too!)
° pastries
° autumn, you feel it in the air even though it’s still hot, some trees are turning auburn, and I long for risotto, combat boots and scarves. I’m longing for trees to change colour, I want to sleep cuddled up, to use again soft blankets and clothes, I also want to see some grey and fog. Absurd! But grey-fog with orange-tree is such a great contrast! (I know that I’ll be sorry for saying this, but now I’m longing for autumn!)
° bunny earrings
° accomplishing a sweaty chore, and then take a shower that magically reshapes you
° choosing pastries!
° team Edward (Scissorhands)
° sun-scented laundry (when you pick it up after it has been drying in the sun)
° You are my sunshine…
° whimsy serendipity
° wear your pajama ’till afternoon, on sunday
° taking pictures at clouds
° gifts and souvenirs from other people’s holidays!
° a year filled with bliss
° my brother is at home for some days
° Ikea meat balls (plus I ordered 10 and they gave me 12 anyway ^^)
° write this list, notice all the wealth that surrounds me, all the things I have to be grateful for, think “oh, this goes on my list!” as soon as something hits my fancy (and it happens more and more often)
° write a similar list, but more personal
° just writing, the act and the intellectual activity
° changing blog layout, adding pages, buttons and all these nerdy things
° Shrek happily ever after. Donkey and the granny kitty. And most of all the Puss in boots *_*
° finally baking a cake: being able to use the oven without dying for the heat, and spread dark chocolate perfume everywhere in the house!
° chat with friends
° loony chats at midnight thirteen (really witch hour)
° mythological creatures who will be more mythological and beautiful 😉

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  1. Corrine/Frock And Roll

    You always write the best lists, miss! Peach iced tea sounds so amazing right now and yay, autumn is WONDERFUL :) And I'm been meaning to ask you forever on here, whereabouts are you in Italy? :)

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