Mythologically: ideas for the aftermath

Things at the Nook will take some more time before we can say “we’re done”, but I’m already collecting ideas on what I’m going to do when we’ll be:

sleep in
a hot bath with loads of froth
henna for my hair, a scrub, a mask, basically restoring myself instead of furniture and walls
doing absolutely nothing for a day but staying in my pijama reading on the couch
a walk outside to explore the neighborhood
watch a movie on the couch with Mr Faun (who, I suppose, will be spending time playing music and mixing while I beautify myself or spend my time reading :) )
do stuff (blogging, sewing, painting, making jewellery, etc)
dress up and invite friends over for dinner… therefore spend the afternook cooking
maybe lighting a miniature fire in the fireplace
simply enjoying my home

and thinking how to arrange it for a cat!

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