Musa’s box

Ready with your list of things you’re grateful for this week?
As usual: can you leave me at least a link to yours? :)

° honourable mention goes to Mr Faun that, fearless of germs, dangers and infection, came visit me every single day untill I felt better
° watching our tv series from a different angle
° have time to watch the ones I watch on my own (and one just started anew!)
° healing
° pyjama
° pizza, most of all after three days of broth and vegetable soup
° massages and cuddles
° fresh orange juice
° forced rest, it’s good once in a while
° going back to work
° thinking about my elementary school dinner ^^
° find a place in first class on the train
° my Oscar Wilde bag (thank you Mammut Newton *_*)
° going easy at work: it doesn’t depend all on me
° early bed time
° eat well
° tons of rings on my fingers
° always being able to cheer up with chocolate
° uncovering songs from teenage dust, and still thinking that they rock
° LOLcats, always funny
° friends at a click away, thanx technology, thanx internet!
° Mr Faun. Period U_U

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