Lucca Comics and Games 2010

Too bad for pouring rain, a blister and some lacks in organization.
Ok, except these little things, let’s talk Lucca Comics and Games.

Did you know it’s the third, for relevance, comic-con in the world? Well, I didn’t. I could rename this post “oh the thousands of things I ignore”. I stepped into an unknown (to me) universe and I fell in love with it.
I mean, I’ve read some mangas, I’ve watched more than one anime, I’ve played several games, but I realized that I’ve only seen this world from far away!

I don’t know if this is good or bad, but there were so many people that I barely could get close to the stands… actually, maybe it wasn’t all bad: this way i saved my wallet… it was a bunny galore in merch!
Though Miriam, from Milan School of Comics, draw me this bunny *_* (have a look at her blog too!)

img by me
Let’s talk cosplay, shall we? I don’t think you need me to say this, but you can see the dedication people put into costume making, spending time and money into polishing every single little detail, but the results really do pay off!
Look at this Jareth, aka the Goblin King

img by me

Labyrinth happens to be my all time favourite movie. Ever. I can quote almost it all, by heart… and this gentleman here looks like David Bowie reincarnation in Jareth reincarnation.
So if by any chance you googled “Jareth the goblin king Lucca Comics and Games 2010” and you stumbled upon my blog, and if it’s you in that costume, you who stood for pictures so kindly: let me know where I can sculpt you a statue, because I’ve never seen anything so amazing. Thank you!

Well, fangirlisms aside, it’s time for honourable mentions: we went back to the same B&B we went to this summer, and I’m not exagerating if I say that going back in the evening I found myself thinking “yummm… breakfast is closing in!” Lucca is as wonderful as always, and seeing it invaded by any kind of creatures and characters is even better; on top of this if you manage to eat and drink well (also thanks to happy time choices) the overall experience looks even greater. So, if you step in Lucca please go to “L’Enoteca” which, despite its winehouse-related name, is a beer-pub/sandwich-bar. It will take you some time to choose a sandwich because they have plenty (and they’re all tasty… or at least the four types we had… in two nights 😉 ), then it will take you even more time to choose a beer, there are pageful, divided by countries… fantastic!!! Plus the personell was lovely, which is always a plus 😉

Let’s close this with the thing I loved most, so much that since the first day I’ve been stressing Mr. Faun with “next year we’ll be more organized, next year we’re cosplaying too, next year blahblahblah”.
Not only it was a constant parade of passions and talents made costumes, but seiing people posing for photos, seeing “average” people that for once look at the “odd” ones with admiring eyes, being stared (well, on halloween I felt like some kind of fairy in incognito… but compared to the cosplay, I was just some random girl with double buns and glitter on my face) without feeling outcast is something marvellous.

A lovely two-days-getaway for plenty of reasons: other than a pair of bunny ears, I came home loaded with inspiration, admiration and wanting to do stuff!

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    Ciaooo!!! 😀 Il coniglietooo!!! hihi!! Grazie per averlo postato e anche per la pubblicità al mio blog y.y Troppo buona!! Continuiamo a sentirci allora tramite blog ;D a presto!!!

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