Musa’s Box

° the new motto: “A day without a laugh is lost”
° my brother with a beard (even though he now looks like dad when we were kids)
° my brother in Italy for my birthday ^_^
° the two  gothic/steampunk paintings my brother got me for my birthday
° Inspirational Bellydance for Samhain… and some khaliji!
° working at The Nook (see the bathroom improve minute by minute and thinking about making it yellow :D)
° cuddling a sicklish Mr Faun
° do intense stretching
° dreaming again a lot
° learn how to use the painting roller… and ending up completely spotted but satisfied
° my new coat, peacock green, super warm but not snowman-like
° some shikakai to try and the candles that smell like Christmas
° super soft and warm slippers, with purple squares fantasy pattern
° chocolate!
° The Crow, under a blanket, with Mr Faun
° a hot shower after two days working like house builders and home cleaners
° Mr Faun’s enthusiasm to any idea of mine, even the smallest one, he always supports me a lot *_*
° Kiko Ultratech Mascara *_* (thanks to my trusted makeup artist who told me “to me it’s just behind the Effet faux cils” :D)
° blogger plans
° know that after a though day (really tough) there’s Mr Faun
° see a little bit “beyond” people…
° Belle and the Beast (and Mr Faun who doesn’t mock me if I am moved -trying not to show it- watching a toon :D)
° this list, taking notes of something every day, like a therapy to remind myself that there are a lot of nice things, that for a lot of others I can just say “whatever”, what matters in life is something else (friends, family, experiences…)
° writing posts, in spare moments, I don’t know when I’ll be able to publish them, but in the meanwhile I keep writing
° The Nook! I love it! And combined to Calibre… *_* And tons of links to download free ebooks
° choosing this winter wellness treatment (spa? hammam? reflexology?) based on how long the treatment is (we’re getting pampered U_U)
° doing some more “small” things to change
° get up, stand up, stand up for your rights. Exposing myself when I know I’m right, even though I know I’m risking some… and being at peace with myself
° Pia‘s colour analysis, I’m going to write a review about this :)
° Mythological Creatures, always always always

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