Musa’s Box

It’s time to say goodbye February, so bye bye February!


° sunday morning cinema!!!
° Deadpool
° a properly made risotto
° har gow, I can and have to do better next time, but being my first try, they weren’t that bad!
° comfortable heeled shoes (well, comfortable, you wouldn’t walk a marathon in them, but you can wear them all day long without crying)
° couch, blanket, cat, tv series
° a growing project
° nice new people
° despite everything: french
° the air that smells like spring, with singing and chirping birds in it
° meeting my friend Anna on our commute back home ^_^
° finally some serious honey loops at the supermarket!!!
° oranges to support scientific research
° “with all the ease of the world”
° talking with Sa
° mythological creatures

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