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I’d love writing more on this blog, other than lists of nice, but it’s quite hard for me at the time… yet I’m so full of ideas, like japanes recipes, tarot reviews, coats and dresser refashions, et cetera!!!
But the fact is my time is used on bus commutes and grammars. So, I have all the need in the world to focus on the positive side of it all!


° new recipe experiments (aka spreading horseradish sauce over fried cod… aka… wonderful!)
° winter hibernation weekends
° a sheer veil of snow during the “days of the Blackbird” :)
° laughing off bad days ironically linking “mercury retrograde” articles (or: is everything going wrong? Blame Mercury, who cares :P)
° the salt lamp
° my new yoga blocks, pants (so cool, they have a sort of sock ending, with a hole for your heel so they won’t slip down when you’re with your legs up!) and shirt, everything’s purple of course U_U
° loading up in asian grocery supplies (sushi rice, sesame oil, some sauces, noodles) and a rice cooker! It’s nothing more than a toaster actually (only a button for on/off) but I’ll see what it does… I have already listed quite a few recipes for seasoned rice to try out!
° testing my armour, it grew pretty sturdy by now, let’s always look on the bright side, right?
° Supernatural
° people watching or better yet listening, when I’m on the bus… whew!!!
° tidying up my desk listening to a Hang playlist
° organize a girls night out for sushi
° blueberry tea with shortbread biscuits, as a warming up snack (plus a Pretty Little Liars episode) coming home from a day of work and also a day of snow!
° the decadent pleasure of sipping a steaming cup of black tea, from a hot bathtub filled with scent and foam
° strozzapreti (pasta) with artichokes and onions
° very relaxed breakfasts, with freshly made orange juice, toasted bread and yummy things
° bento for my lunchbreaks at work
° my family (furry relatives included)
° my friends
° Clothilde
° Mythological creatures

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