Christmas-y Musa’s Box

I’m hopping over my blog, quickly, after loads of lasagna and hours spent with society games, because this week has plenty to be grateful for *_*

° toast bread (with various spreads)
° find out Our Nook is using green energy :)
° being able to fit all chores and duties before Christmas (and also getting rid of old nuisances)
° survive the end of the world, I’m a superhero… we’re all superheros! But I want the green cloak U_U
° a kebab to go and subsequent nap
° refresh my stash of nag champa incenses (and finally getting hold of the “dragon” one, yes it’s just marketing… but after all it’s still the year of the dragon ;))
° my christmas nail art :)
° a “comfort food swap party” with friends in a room with a huge hearth
° all my pretty vanilla flavoured christmas tree cookies, all lined up, all packed nicely! Make other cute packages… because I’m stylish like that U_U
° play Uno alltogether
° endless Monopoli games, to spend a Christmas afternoon le
° eat plenty of yummy things with a nice glass of Merlot
° unwrap presents alltogether… and then later on again only with Sa
° Clothilde purring and kneading and wanting cuddles (even though our Christmas tree doesn’t look really fresh now)
° home made torroncini, by Sa’s mother, sooooo good!!!
° rewatch Up (sniff)
° keep up with our cultural exchange
° draw roots
° recipe copybooks (I have to fill them up)
° take a chance
° this post that turned out to be useful (thank you Filo! :D)
° my pc ready to be pimped properly
° basically, spend Christmas with my family (it looks like, from facebook stati, that it will make you so cool if you play the Grinch, the anti-conformist… but I really like to spend time with my family! And eat all those good things we only eat in these two days of the year… of course after six hours spent together I can’t take anymore -food nor family- and I always swear I won’t be eating anything ’till january 7th… but this is part of the fun too!) and for the first time spend Christmas with Sa too! And with our purring Clothilde :)
° Mythological and Christmas creatures!

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