In Montpellier (France, not Canada 😉 ) in Rue de la Vieille, a sweet little road that begins from Rue de l’Argenterie, a crossroad with Rue de la Loge which is one of the main streets in center town, there was, and still is, a little shop… or, at least, from the outside it looks nothing more than a little shop, a local boutique. But inside, if you walk in under all the coloured flags hung all over Rue de la Vielle, you’ll fine three big rooms, filled to the ceiling with cute objects and decoration you’d want to carry them all home with you (if only one has an illimited bank account)!

Copyright @ Misstigri

Except discovering the picturesque street itself and the shop, which is the dream of every single writing-maniac as I mean it (notebooks, pens, postcards and then prints for walls, magnets, metal tags and I don’t even remember what else) the most exciting discovery was another one: a list of illustrators and painters I really love.

Copyright @ Nicoletta Ceccoli

I wrote down the names, but I lost the note… some time ago I throughly looked for it and luckily I’ve found it, so I’ve completed the list of those who’ll always be, to me, the Illustrators from Montpellier*, with other illustrators I already knew of thanks to the internet…

They all have a je ne sais quoi… curious? whimsical? mysterious? enchanted? ironic? don’t they? They do U_U

  1. Ana Bagayan *
  2. Jasmine Becket-Griffith
  3. Amy Brown
  4. Colette Calascione
  5. Nicoletta Ceccoli *
  6. Adolie Day *
  7. Camilla D’Errico *
  8. Brian Froud
  9. Jessica Galbreth
  10. Koralie *
  11. Benjamin Lacombe *
  12. Alan Lee
  13. Brandi Milne *
  14. Tara McPherson
  15. Mark Ryden *
  16. Stuntkid
  17. Miss Tigri *

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