Musa’s Box

Hey, guess what! Right! It’s again time to write down all those happy things you’ve experienced this week!
Share in the comments, write on your super-secret-dear-diary, as long as you write it!

° spend another WE with my faun
° circle skirts
° going out at night with my nightgown
° barbecue with friends, beers and good food
° citron
° know that there are more important things in life
° feeling inspired to make beautiful things
° make earrings and beaded necklaces (most of all make them to make someone you love smile!)
° watching movies on the couch
° my old armchair in the garden
° Family Guy
° creating new wishlists and peep into books
° ebooks and PDFs
° graphology, interpretation of dreams, Jung’s archetypes and some other cheap psychologies (I’ve had periodical mono-addictions since years now 😛 … don’t I, Spleen?)
° those kind of books that yet have the power to turn you inside out, and who knows why when some perfect stranger tells out loud what you’ve secretely been thinking for yourself, it immediately seems more valuable than what you were telling yourself
° have a walk, sit down at the Castle
° the wind blowing swing music, from town fest
° have dinner erasmus style
° “how to” books in the bookstore
° feeling positive towards change
° feeling inspired and willing to write a lot
° willing to read and to do
° getting rid of something anxious
° free texts
° vitamins
° Daria
° presents and gifts
° mythological creatures

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