Chinese Pumpkin/Flower wrist pincushion how to

Since our old family pincushion (a red felt heart… yes, creepy, I know) seems to have desappeared at my parent’s, I had to make myself a new one. And since I was going to, why not make it a wrist one?

I’ve used this tutorial:

Here’s what I did: I’ve used some crap fabric (10cm x 20cm, to make it smaller than in the video) leftover from another project, the longest needle I had (I don’t know if it’s an embroidery one, but who cares?!), an old (clean!!!) sock as stuffing (well, a little more than half a sock, otherwise it was too much) and some regular sewing thread (n. 50 for sewing machine). In the end I covered one end with a button I had from scratch and underneath I’ve sewn a piece of elastic (measured around my wrist, sewn with a zigzag stitch).

Troubleshooting: wear a thimble, poking a finger is really easy and really painful, and here you’ll have to push! The first “petal” is the hardest, squeeze well in the center not to lose the needle. I guess that using “real” stuffing stuff and not some scrap material gives a better distribution and filling, and embroidery thread is more visible (but you can simply double up your regular thread).

Bonus point: if you can knot your thread using just index and thumb!

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