International Women’s Day

To those pissed off if they don’t receive any mimosa (it smells, and stains around by the way), to those who think that it’s finally time to folly around, to those who think that equal rights of men and women is to be able to go guilt free to a male stripteas, to those who think that it’s only today that you have to honour your mom, sisters, friends and girlfriends, to those who think that it’s just a meaningless commercial occasion, to those who speculate on it with withering, pale, small flowers way too pricy, to those who organize parties that are shameful (to say the least), to those who think that emancipation means finally having permission to go out with friends, in a word, to all those who have a completely wrong idea of why we celebrate the International Women’s Day.

Wikipedia tells you briefly: “It is a major day of global celebration of women […] of respect, appreciation and love towards women to a celebration for women’s economic, political and social achievements.” And to remember discriminations and violences they’re still object of these days (my translation added from the italian page).

Why the mimosa? Because it’s one of the first flowers you find plenty of in these days, and because the urban legend says that it was blooming outside the factory (american? german? russian? it’s legend) where hundreds of women died in a fire (they were forced to work that day, locked up inside, forced to work in slavery-like conditions).

Wikipedia, once again, tells you everything. And google has a nice page with a nice project.

Why do I care so much? Why to I fire up so much? Because if we want to nit pick and go all philosophical, “women” are the biggest cultural minority, take any culture and population, women always have an inferior role or status. Because it’s 2011 and if you take a job interview in the super civilized Europe, in the super civilized Italy, they ask you if you have a fiancée, how long has it been, if you’re serious, and if you want to get married and if you want a family.
Because there still is who thinks that women’s sole function is to find a small job and then think about having brats (having a career? Eresy!!! You don’t want children? Egoist!!!), because there is still who believe that your happiness rhimes with the perfect softener, that your life purpose is split yourself between pans and ironing board… Or between tights and thongs…
Because if you have University degree, you’re 25 years old and you’re still home with your parents (because there’s no work, because when there is it’s plain exploitation… we’re near being asked to pay the employer to be able to work, because when and if they look for someone to employ they want him/her young and experienced… but if anyone is willing to offer you experience, that’s going to be hard… maybe we’ll talk about this another time) you’re a mummy’s boy/ daddy’s girl, and you’d better look for an old, sick, rich man to make your living…

I’m not buying it, I’m celebrating 8 march, without mimosa, because I want dignity.

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