Modern spells

To keep up, again, with tuesday’s post… have you ever noticed how some “exercises” discussed here and there remind of spells?

After all free association, metaphore, symbol, psychology and theater (or at least a representation) are names we use now for things that maybe are older. There are:

° amulets/talismans (yes, yes, I know they’re different 😉 = gems or herbs or similar things to carry around, at least as a reminder, a “catch me up” for goals you want to reach, an anti-stress to play with to sum up some courage

° ritual = moments of meditation, maybe with candles and visualisation of a goal while you feel like that wish has already been granted. A well organized daydream

° chant = words set free, I’m a huge fan of letters (that will never be posted to anyone in reality) to vent out or demand.

° altar/totem (again, I know they’re different 😉 = creative making of something that represents an idea or a goal to us, something to pour our creativity into, shape it to life and draw inspiration from it. From a vision board (real or virtual with pictures and quotes) to “abundance video” (you can find online a software for sale… but buying something to make a 3 minutes video you’ll watch twice a day… there are so many video making free softwares, for subtitles too, so many websites for pictures and so much music to please you… it’s a personal video, no copyright infringement!)

° ablutions/purifications = a nice cry, a bath with essences, sweating huge, and EFT round or other emotion unblocking techniques.

It’s all a little stretchy? Maybe… but when I started noticing similarities, they all popped up on their own. I believe that the human mind has immense potential, and then if you want to call it spell or meditation or martini night with friends or jogging… as long as it’s something that frees your mind, makes you feel better, clears up your goals, empowers you and makes you creative… well… could you ask for more?
A little bit of “magic” is well needed in life.

After all… A rose is a rose is a rose 😉

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