Flyguy – Shyguy part the second

I’ve found this file while tidying up my pc, and there were a couple of points I totally forgot about last time!
And I think it’s important to update you because I think you need some practical advice, other than some reassuring pep talk. It’s just a couple of things, though, because we always need to remember the first rule: there can be no rules.
Here we go:
1) Be kind and polite, no need for a doormat, but doing something kindly it’s always a good thing to be remembered, and our point here is to be noticed and rememberd, isn’t it?
2) After all everyone’s favourite topic is… our own selves. When you don’t know what to say just ask, no need to give her an Inquisitory third degree, please, but ask questions that may lead to a conversation, like a super-simple “The other night I saw that movie, and you?” “No…” “Oh, you’ve missed a masterpiece/you’ve saved yourself a torture, you know? What movies do you like?” And so on (And always remember that if she keeps on answering like she has a broomstick stuck up her… ehm… I’d change girl!)
3) Last but not least. Do you know who Jessica Rabbit is? When they ask her what she likes in a rabbit, she anwers “He makes me laugh”. HOLY TRUTH. You don’t have to become the court jolly, you don’t even have to put yourself down with ridiculous or make jokes on her, you only need to say something witty here and there, well placed, harmlessly.
Too bad I can’t grant you that your beloved one will immediately fall at your feet, sometimes biochemicals just don’t collaborate, but at least I hope I gave you something that lets you, at least, make clear that, other than being incredibly beautiful (that’s her) and incredibly lost (that’s you), there is some solid base to start from 😉

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