Monday Musing

Two saturdays ago, at the stage for Tribal Fusion, we studied a short choreography with a very nice song to dance along to, very peculiar…
Some days ago, by mere chance, on youtube I was listening for the very first time to Omnia… so I decided to check their playlist out… what pops up after a while?
The entire song from Tribal Fusion dance!!!


Other candy for morals are this funny stickman to draw and play with (yes, it comes to life!) and, to finish off this video… I didn’t even know dubstep existed untill a month ago…

2 thoughts on “Monday Musing

  1. goddessinspired

    Ahahah possibile che tutte le volte che sei stata da me non abbia mai sentito gli Omnia…? Li ascolto sempre! :) Comunque ho la discografia completa, quando vuoi te la passo! 😀

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