Musa’s Box

Last friday I didn’t feel like writing. Just that.
But today I do (also because I took notes :P)


° unapologetically doing only what I want to
° my perfect weather (sunny day, rainy night to chill up things)
° sudden kebab
° new organization in the house
° the new bookshelves in the entrance, it’s sooooo tidy *_*
° finally “fixing” the books in the bookshelves, after four years!
° pan di stelle cookies and a glass of milk
° bbq: friends, food, the woods to ourselves, the moon almost full, and fireflies dancing in the air
° pictures of my niece
° muscle-relaxant herbal tea
° home made tzatziki, then garlic breath to kill all the vampires in a 1km radius, but who cares
° The blackbird that sits outside our window and sings like there’s no tomorrow
° cooking an omurice on the spur of the moment, and cooking it hella well
° misfits
° yoga in the chill morning air
° my Stinkerbell cat
° mythological creatures

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