21 days self help ebooks

This time the “challenge” was about finally reading all those things I collected and use it.

My Nintendo DS, with its pretty customization, was the starting point.
I didn’t read ALL of the ebooks I had… at some point I had enough. Because of many reasons that now, obviously!, I’m going to tell you about.

1) Is it possible that every single thing revolves around money? I mean, ok, I’m not that naive to think that we can go back to I-give-you-my-poem-for-your-jeans. As Woody Allen said “If money doesn’t make you happy, think about misery!”. But come on! Why is it always focused on having, on having more? A better job, ok, a more satisfying love life, allright, friends, hobbies, succes, that’s all good… but in the end they all talk about money. Well… enough, ok?

2) Less is more. Pick one, at max three books, read them, throughly, take what’s good in them (I’m not saying all these books are worthless, maybe at some point in your life you needed to read them, and this is because they do help you. Me too, I needed some reading and it was fine). But don’t read more than a couple, at some point they start to contraddict themselves and to confuse you… also because at some point you should have made up your mind!

3) Repetita juvant. Too much stress about positive thinking can be negative. Here’s a valid post, confirming things I already suspected: how much did I miss a let-out, being skeptical about the chance to attract positive stuff, but having no doubts about bringing myself bad luck, and such stuff.

4) If you can, choose original work like “Your erroneous zones”, “Psychomagic”, or the book on autogeni training by Gisela Eberlein (now I’m curious about an italian book), over self proclaimed manuals with similar titles and contents. They’re hype with enphasys and repetitions, like an 80’2 soda. The key it’s not figuring yourselves with a bag of money, it’s realizing what makes you feel good.

This is it. I don’t want to discard them all, I still believe that you always learn something from a book: if it’s awful you learn what to avoid. At some point in life these kind of books may really help you, most of all if you favor those with an analytical or at least “spiritual” content, instead those “manuals” with Dr Professor Illuminated Minister Count of Dilyhium Crystal’s Formula for All Purposes in One (imagine a fraud seller on a fair counter, like end XIX century,ok?).

Yes, I’ve also read “The Secret”, but I want a single post about it.

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