Musa’s Box

Why yes… yours truly with a self-painted on peacock feather :)

Sometimes a re-introduction is well needed, most of all now that these nice lists and little boxes of nice are spreading!
Once a week write down a list of nice things that happened in the past week.
Simple, fast and… addictive!!!

° a “festival” with the association and new “colleagues”, even though I was there for a short time… but I got a pretty keychain for my future home, and met new and nice people :) (And found out that there’s an astrologers’ register o_O)
° second to last makeup lesson, and shifting in some sort of ancient times princess
° being able to listen to my body when it says “stop”
° sleep tight, catching up, making good herbal teas that put you back to shape
° disco-purple toenails (lilac and purple glitter), they make me smile every time I take off my shoes, when I come home tired after work, and they show up all fun and shiny!
° salmon club sandwich
° lunch break in the park, venting a little
° endless chats (like… six hours in a row? :D)
° all these posts I’m posting, I’m really pleased with all this mental order I’m making, it won’t last, but it had to be made!
° that feeling of anxiety, expectation, excitement for new projects I have in mind
° nice and polite comments on the blog at work
° Kung Fu Panda 2, really nice!
° creative brain storming to come up with brilliant titles
° Chef Tony’s Miracle Blade (perfection series III U_U)
° looking inside myself, asking some uncomfortable question and finding out that the answer is soothing
° fixing “curves” with Gimp, it’s a magic on images!!!
° all this “decluttering” around me… and be willing to take advantage while moving to join in the bandwagon :Ptutto
° always always always mythological creatures

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