Angry girls

To keep up a little with tuesday’s post, today I want to talk about pissed-off girls (it didn’t sound nice in the title :P), I think that during teenage years we all had some as a model. I want to talk to you about my two favourite ones.

I know that there’s plenty out there, many girls who, for whatever reason, would fit nice in such a list… but what point in just a list (you can do this commenting with your favourite ones!)?
To prove that being positive doesn’t mean never getting angry or never venting, can I offer you Alanis Morissette and Emilie Autumn?

Set aside the way they play with their voice, the music and melodies they write (EA has her own recording label and studio), shall we talk about the lyrics? I mean, the lyrics???
I can’t copy them all for you, but I would… they have this unique way to say, with just few words and notes, an entire universe where tons of ladies out there can relate to.
Perfect, Mary Jane, You Oughta Know, Would Not Come, All I Really Want(what about that three-second-silence bit after saying “Why are you so petrified of silence. Here can you handle this?”… shivers!). These are just some amongst my favourites, when I was around 11 y.o. she taught me that girls can be tough (thanks Po), and that they don’t have to sing only about unlucky lovestories (thake this Laura Pausini! -an italian singer who sings but of broken hearts…), but most of all that if girls are mad they have every right to manifest it, to shout it, to feel awful and to transform all of this in art.

Later on came Emilie Autumn, I was already at university. I found her looking for tutorials on how to make fairy wings… Opheliac, What If, Shalott, Thank God I’m Pretty(it takes some guts to finally make a point that being pretty doesn’t spare you from … well, life!) and many more… she went from a fairy moment to a more industrial one and now she’s into steampunk… I love it all 😀

Plus I had the chance to go to a live concert of both… the first one is a complete musician, the second, while performing, casts a complete show (with granted addiction to glitters, corsets, masks and good perfumes afterwards). Well, if they happen to be around, they do deserve a visit!

Which are the angry girls that helped you grow and say “no!” when it was due?

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