Musa’s Box

Indeed, that’s history

° sleep in fresh air
° cherries
° receiving presents and being cheered and celebrated a little ^_^
° chat with gfriends
° knowing that there are (and which are) more important things in life
° flower bouquets, with roses and gerberas, my favourite flowers
° capturing the screenshot where the March Hare sings twinkle twinkle
° format my pc and install Ubuntu!
° cleaning my keybord with pressed air
° small things: nice words, pictures of bunnies, greeting cards, crunchy pizza, coloured nails, stars and glitters, my dog’s hair floating everywhere, emails from friends
° singing lessons
° organize reharsals with my band
° my Alice stuff collection slowly growing, with books, hats and stuffed animals
° cut out pictures from interior design magazines to imagin my dream house
° “bat boxes”, I want at least a couple
° wake up feeling rested and peaceful, feeling it will be a nice day
° find out about tricky ways to make masquerade masks without having to buy anything
° positive album reviews and nice interviews
° willing to pamper my body: more water, more fruits & veggies, less sweets, more physical activity, meditation
° profiterol (ah!)
° the waitress complimenting our pizza choices, the waiter being fun
° chat about everything
° “Il Rifugio” pub
° Tux Paint
° watching Italy-NZ football match (even though a boring one, not because of the result, but because of how Italy played) on the couch with my Faun, drinking tea (passion fruit, mango and orange flavoured black tea) with cookies.
° “Gran Cereale” cookies and Digestive
° happy hours
° fake vintage, kitsch chairs
° the view of the Duomo
° chocolate with whipped cream when it’s suddenly cold, being june
° finally a sunny day
° difficult exercises and a “well done” after completing them
° a lot of people believing in me
° driving with open windows and a nice song in the air
° a couple of hours just for me, myself and I
° picking a spa treatment
° writing lists
° updating my daily planner: I’m having my social life back
° clouds that look like whipped cream
° smiling passerbies
° giant umbrellas
° Lie to me
° tidying up the bathroom… wardrobe, shelves, bathroom… I have some drawers and my “sewing corner” to go… what’s not to toss away will be sold
° Sonisphere Big Four, “live” from Sophia, at the movie theater, with my Faun and my Bro
° old musicians and young metalheads all having fun like they have no age
° always being inspired by live concerts
° beholding history: Anthrax, Megadeth and Metallica on one stage… and Hetfield and Mustain hugging
° hotdog and beer, eaten outside, with nice weather and no mosquitos at all
° interior desing collage
° mythological creatures always always always

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4 thoughts on “Musa’s Box

  1. Euforilla

    I had to google it: nice one!
    But, even though I do love mythological creatures, myths and stuff, I have to admit that when I write about mythological stuff in these "boxes" I'm talking about me and my bf (we have our own silly silly jokes)

    Oh gosh, I'm cheesy :)

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